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Head coach Gary Kubiak reviews the Texans 30-27 loss at Jacksonville.
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The Texans sign fullback Cecil Sapp.
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Head coach Gary Kubiak said starting safety C.C. Brown will go on IR. 
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The Texans' offense scored on five of eight possessions Sunday, but the team came up short in overtime. Here are some of the top plays from the game at Jacksonville.
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The Texans discuss their 30-27 overtime loss at Jacksonville.
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The Texans will host their home opener against the Colts at Reliant Stadium on Oct. 5. 
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Ahman Green increased his reps with the scout team today as the Texans prepare for the Jags.
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This segment features Ashley N's passion for extreme sports.
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Coach Gary Kubiak on the emergence of rookie Steve Slaton.

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The Texans look for redemption in Jacksonville.
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