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The latest Texans Today focused on Andre Johnson's return to the lineup, as well as a teaser about the next On the Nose with Shaun Cody.

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Head coach Gary Kubiak, safety Danieal Manning and running back Ben Tate talked Titans and much more.

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Fan questions about Andre Johnson, Wade Phillips, Pro Bowl snubs and the Lone Ranger dominated the latest Friday Facebook Mailbag.

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Texans play-by-play voice Marc Vandermeer analyzes the upcoming matchup with the Titans in his weekly 'Vandermeer's Take'.

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Ben Tate's big year, the backup quarterback spot and more were discussed in the latest Texans Daily.

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Former Oilers coach was one of many who spoke after practice on Thursday about the Texans and more.

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NFL Scout Michael LaFlamme analyzes what the Titans do well, and what to expect in the Week 17 matchup at Reliant Stadium.

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Various Texans coaches and players talked Pro Bowl, the Titans and much more after Wednesday's practice.

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Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips returned to practice Wednesday from medical leave, and had some strong thoughts about the Pro Bowl.

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Running back Ben Tate and receiver Jacoby Jones joined 'Vandermeer and Lopez' Tuesday morning at a Verizon Wireless store.

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