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Texans color-commentator Enrique Vasquez talked about the team's chances with Matt Leinart at quarterback, and what the final six games look like.

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Linebacker Brian Cushing and a few of his teammates talked football, the bye week, Matt Leinart and more at a Monday night Verizon Wireless tweetup.

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Fullback James Casey described he and the team's confidence in Matt Leinart during a weekly a show on SportsRadio 610.

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Right tackle Eric Winston talked about Matt Leinart, the bye week and more during his weekly show on SportsRadio 610.

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Texans quarterback Matt Schaub spoke Tuesday afternoon about his foot injury, his future and more on SportsRadio 610.

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Before leaving for the bye week vacation, Gary Kubiak and the Texans talked about what's next.

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