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Head coach Gary Kubiak met with the media Monday during a press conference at Reliant Stadium.

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Play-by-play voice Marc Vandermeer, and hosts John Lopez and Nick Wright dissected the Texans' loss at Indianapolis.

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Quarterback Matt Schaub began talking about the playoff contest against the Bengals and more on Monday morning.

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Andre Johnson and the Texans discussed the loss to the Colts and the playoff run ahead.

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Re-live some of the key playcalls from the Texans' Week 17 loss at Indianapolis.

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On Friday, head coach Gary Kubiak shared the latest on tight end Owen Daniels' hamstring and more heading into the game against the Colts.

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Texans Ambassador Giff Nielsen and Indianapolis talkshow host Dan Dakich talked about Texans at Colts.

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Fan questions about J.J. Watt, crunch-time decisions and more were answered in this Friday Facebook Mailbag.

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Quarterback Matt Schaub's thoughts on moving forward to Indianapolis and more were featured.

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