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Pro Bowlers Johnathan Joseph, Chris Myers and Antonio Smith reflected on their time in Hawaii and looked ahead to 2012.

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Following the AFC's win in the 2012 Pro Bowl, Gary Kubiak and several assistant coaches talked about what's next for the Texans in 2012.

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Texans offensive coordinator Rick Dennison and some AFC Pro Bowlers reflected on the 2011 season for Houston.

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Center Chris Myers and the Texans contingent continue to turn heads around the NFL and in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl.

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Gary Kubiak, Wade Phillips and several Pro Bowlers talked about the Texans' representation and more.

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Thursday's Pro Bowl practice saw Antonio Smith donning his Ninja mask, Wade Phillips describing his week and more.

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Texans head coach Gary Kubiak, center Chris Myers and corner Johnathan Joseph shared their Pro Bowl experiences after Wednesday's practice.

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The 2012 Texans defense looks to be young, experienced and more knowledgeable than the stellar 2011 unit.

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