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Nestor Aparicio of Baltimore's WNST shared his thoughts on the Texans' future, their history with the Ravens and much more in a conversation at the Combine.

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Quarterback Matt Schaub joined 'Vandermeer and Lopez' to discuss the Texans free agents, T.J. Yates and more.

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Texans center Chris Myers joined 'The Odd Couple to discuss his free agency, his future and more.

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Listener questions, Combine recollections, Orson Charles and more were subjects of conversation during Monday's Texans Today.

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ESPN's senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen shared his thoughts on why the Texans might by the class of the AFC for years to come.

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Drew Dougherty and Nick Scurfield checked in from Indianapolis to talk about the Combine and more.

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Nick Scurfield and Drew Dougherty discussed the Texans in free agency and the Draft from the Combine in Indianapolis.

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Texans head coach Gary Kubiak went 1-on-1 with Drew Dougherty on Friday at the Combine, discussing the Draft, Free Agency and even the nose tackle position.

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Texans head coach Gary Kubiak spoke at length at the podium on Friday at the Combine.

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