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Special teams questions, the Draft and even Wrestlemania were discussed in the Friday Facebook Mailbag.

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Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips took a timeout Thursday and answered some questions about his Twitter account.

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The Bleacher Report's senior NFL Draft writer Matt Miller spoke with Drew Dougherty about the Texans' Draft possibilities.

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Wade Phillips is on Twitter, the Texans signed a punter and much more is discussed in this Texans Today.

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The free agency views of Connor Barwin and Arian Foster are topics of conversation in this Texans Today.

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Running back Arian Foster talked about free agency moves, the Madden Curse and more on Tuesday night.

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Outside linebacker Connor Barwin talked about offseason moves and much more on Tuesday night.

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Corner Brandon Harris, the tight end position and more were topics of conversation in this Texans Today.

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The second hour of Texans All Access had former corner Aaron Glenn join Chester Pitts and Marc Vandermeer.

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The first hour of Texans All Access featured former guard Chester Pitts, as well as Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network.

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