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Texans head coach Gary Kubiak discussed a trade, roster cuts and more during a Friday press conference at Reliant Stadium.

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The Friday roster shakeup dominated the conversation between Nick Scurfield and Drew Dougherty.

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Nick Scurfield and Drew Dougherty reviewed Scurfield's '5 Things to Watch' and how they affected the Texans' win over Minnesota.

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After the Texans took care of Minnesota on Thursday night, head coach Gary Kubiak and the players met with the media.

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DeVier Posey's playing time Thursday, Owen Daniels' preparation and the start of On the Nose was discussed.

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Check out the question and answer session with coordinators and players at Tuesday's Team Luncheon.

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Following the Texans Team Luncheon presented by Amegy Bank, head coach Gary Kubiak met with the media about the roster and more.

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During his speech at the Team Luncheon, head coach Gary Kubiak explained why the 2012 Texans are primed for big things, and also how the fans have stepped it up a notch.

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The Thursday night starter at quarterback, the future of Trindon Holliday, the roster and more were focused on in this conversation.

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Quarterbacks Case Keenum and John Beck, along with outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus met with the media on Monday.

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