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Rapper and Texans fan Paul Wall went 1-on-1 with Drew Dougherty and discussed his love for his hometown team.

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Following Friday afternoon's practice, head coach Gary Kubiak, defensive line coach Bill Kollar and receiver Keshawn Martin answered questions from the media.

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Head coach Gary Kubiak spoke after Wednesday afternoon's practice about J.J. Watt's elbow injury.

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J.J. Watt, Gary Kubiak, Brian Cushing and others met with the media after Friday morning's practice.

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J.J. Watt's return to the sidelines was discussed, and receiver Lestar Jean's progress was analyzed.

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Former Texans receiver and current Texans Ambassador André Davis shared his impressions of the 2012 squad.

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General manager Rick Smith talked about Duane Brown's impact, the defense and other topics at Training Camp.

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General manager Rick Smith elaborated on injuries, position groups and more during Training Camp.

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Houston head coach Tony Levine joined Rice head coach David Bailiff and the two talked about Training Camp and the Bayou Bucket at Reliant Stadium.

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