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Texans running back Arian Foster talked about the win over Baltimore, bye week plans and more during his weekly radio show.

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Brian Cushing's surgery, On the Nose with Shaun Cody and listener questions were featured in this Texans Today.

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Fan questions about Battle Red additions, the defense, the Super Bowl and more were answered in this Friday Facebook Mailbag.

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Texans play-by-play voice Marc Vandermeer went 1-on-1 with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday in Houston.

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General manager Rick Smith talked about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the linebacker position and more with Drew Dougherty.

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Linebacker Connor Barwin joined the show to talk about his sack against Baltimore, the defense and much more.

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Play-by-play voice Marc Vandermeer and Texans Ambassador Seth Payne analyzed the team's win over Baltimore.

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The Gary Kubiak Show featured offensive coordinator Rick Dennison and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips the day after the Texans beat the Ravens.

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Re-live the Texans' thrilling thumping of the Ravens, with the playcalls and postgame interviews as well.

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