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The younger players in the Texans' secondary will be challenged with Johnathan Joseph out due to injury, and that was a topic for discussion.

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Linebacker Brian Cushing spoke in the locker room Friday about his rehab process, the Texans' defense and more.

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General manager Rick Smith joined the program to discuss roster moves, the Titans and more.

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Center Chris Myers and the Texans talked on Thursday in the locker room about the game at Tennessee and more.

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Duane Brown's dominance, Andre Johnson's brilliance and much more was discussed by Drew Dougherty and Nick Scurfield.

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Texans radio color-commentator Andre Ware helped prep for the matchup at Tennessee during Texans Live.

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The outside linebacker spot, the injury spectrum and much more was discussed in this Texans Today.

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Outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus and the Texans talked after Wednesday's practice about the week ahead and more.

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Outside linebacker Bryan Braman joined Texans Live and discussed his expanding role on defense.

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Running back Arian Foster talked about life, phobias, football and more during his weekly radio show at Gallery Furniture.

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