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A new wrinkle was added to the Texans Today podcast, and the topics of Rick Smith, Brooks Reed and more were discussed.

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Texans TV's Drew Dougherty spoke with GM Rick Smith about the Combine, the Draft and much more in this conversation.

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TexansTV's Drew Dougherty went 1-on-1 with former scout Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network, and the two talked about the Texans in the Draft.

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Drew Dougherty of Texans TV spoke with Bleacher Report NFL expert Matt Miller about the Texans and the Draft.

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Inside linebacker Darryl Sharpton talked with Drew Dougherty about his health, 2013 plans and much more on Tuesday.

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NFL writer Peter Schrager of FOXSports.com was at the Combine and shared his thoughts on the Texans with Drew Dougherty.

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NFL hopefuls at the wide receiver position, as well as some other Combine tidbits were discussed by Drew Dougherty and Nick Scurfield.

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General manager Rick Smith's Combine discussion with Marc Vandermeer was analyzed on Texans All Access.

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Former Secretary of State James Baker joined the show discuss his role in helping bring a Super Bowl back to Houston.

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The entire, commercial-free edition of the show featured the likes of James Baker, Rick Smith and Gil Brandt.

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