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Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips speaks to the media Thursday after practice.

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Former Houston Oiler Carl Mauck spoke at the memorial service for Bum Phillips.

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Former Oilers quarterback Dan Pastorini spoke at Bum Phillips' memorial service on Tuesday evening.

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Defensive end Antonio Smith spoke about the week ahead, Case Keenum and more during his weekly radio show.

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Center Chris Myers and left guard Wade Smith joined the Verizon Players Show and discussed the upcoming matchup with the Colts.

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Head coach Gary Kubiak talked about Case Keenum's second start, the challenge of the Colts and much more during his weekly radio show.

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Head Coach Gary Kubiak spoke to the media Monday following practice.

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Quarterback Case Keenum talked to the media about being named the Texans Week 9 starter.

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Head coach Gary Kubiak's weekly radio show covered Case Keenum's play, injuries and more.

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DE Antonio Smith spoke to the media Monday at Reliant Stadium.

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