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Drew Dougherty and John Harris pondered what 1980's NFL QB and defensive player would fit perfectly on today's Texans squad.

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Linebacker Keith Browner was one of many who joined the latest Texans All Access.

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Ryan Fitzpatrick was named the starting QB, and offensive lineman Brandon Brooks joined the show on this Texans All Access.

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Defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel was featured on this Texans All Access.

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D.J. Swearinger's leadership, the best Rocky montages and listener questions were all featured on Wednesday's Texans Today.

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Safety D.J. Swearinger was a featured guest during this OTA version of Texans All Access.

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The teaching style of linebackers coach Mike Vrabel, and how it affects Jadeveon Clowney is discussed, as well as some listener questions.

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