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LT Duane Brown discussed the win over Tennessee, the season finale coming up with Jacksonville and much more.

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RB Jonathan Grimes and LB Justin Tuggle talked Titans, Jaguars, Holidays and much more.

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Bill O'Brien talked about beating the Titans, getting ready for the Jaguars and much more.

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LT Duane Brown recapped the win at Indianapolis and also got ready for Christmas and the Titans.

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CB Charles James, II joined the show to discuss his winding journey in the NFL.

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Bill O'Brien detailed how the Texans beat the Colts, and what they must do in the week to come at Tennessee.

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LT Duane Brown shared his thoughts on getting ready for the Colts and much more.

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DE Jared Crick shared his thoughts on the upcoming game at Indianapolis and much more.

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Bill O'Brien discussed the game against the Pats and previewed the matchup with Indianapolis.

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LT Duane Brown welcomed center Ben Jones to the show, and the two discussed the matchup with the Patriots.

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