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Notre Dame center Nick Martin was the Texans 2nd round draft pick, and he talked with the Texans Radio crew after his selection.

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Ohio State WR Braxton Miller shared his thoughts about being a 3rd round pick by the Texans.

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Notre Dame WR Will Fuller went 1-on-1 with Marc Vandermeer.

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LB Brian Cushing, WR DeAndre Hopkins and many more joined the show.

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LB Brian Cushing talked about offseason conditioning, his trip to Kuwait with the USO and more.

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WR DeAndre Hopkins spoke with Texans Radio about his offseason, working with QB Brock Osweiler and more.

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QB Brock Osweiler joined the show and talked about learning the new offense.

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Bill O'Brien, John McClain and more were featured on the program.

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Special teams coordinator Larry Izzo talked about his new job, his NFL journey as a player, karaoke, the military and more in this interview with Drew Dougherty

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The Texans Radio crew pointed out some key components of the Texans 2016 regular season schedule. 

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