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Former NT Shaun Cody checked in to talk 'On the Nose', life after football and much more.

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John McClain of the Houston Chronicle joined the show to discuss the key areas to watch for the Texans in 2016.

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John Harris touched on a few key things to take note of with the approach of training camp.

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The voice of the KC Chiefs, a breakdown of former great games, Likes n' Stuff and more was featured on Friday's show.

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Marc Vandermeer recapped minicamp with John Harris, and also had Texans president Jamey Rootes in studio.

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CB Charles James, II talked about his comeback from injury, plans for 2016 and much more.

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DE J.J. Watt was featured on the show, and he discussed training camp, Mexico and more.

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The best radio calls of 2015 and much more were showcased on Monday's show.

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Marc Vandermeer covered a wide range of topics, including a breakdown of minicamp and much more.

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WR Jaelen Strong, J.J. vs. Lawrence Taylor and the end of minicamp were the featured subjects on the show.

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