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QB Brock Osweiler joined the show, and some key numbers about training camp were released.

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Former Texans NT Seth Payne shared his thoughts on the upcoming season.

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WR Cecil Shorts, III joined the show and discussed the arrival of training camp and more. 

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A ranking of the Top 5 Weapons the Texans will face, plus a visit with a Patriots expert highlighted this show.

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The Top 5 QB's on the schedule were ranked, and the big news of the week was recapped.

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OLB Jadeveon Clowney and RB coach Charles London were featured on this edition of the show.

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The news of the day from the Texans, plus J.P. Shadrick joined the show to provide a sneak peak into what the Jaguars might look like.

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John McClain of the Houston Chronicle was among those who joined the show on Tuesday night.

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The news of the day in Texans-land was covered by John Harris.

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Former Texan Chester Pitts joined Marc Vandermeer and John Harris.

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