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Texans Radio hosts talked draft, free agency and so much more.

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Voice of the Houston Texans Marc Vandermeer talks with head coach Bill O'Brien about quarterbacks, the draft, a Watt update and so much more.

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Texans radio breaks down the offseason and all that is to come in the draft.

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John Harris hosts Texans All-Access with features from Deepi Sidhu, Eric Korem, Marc Vandermeer and Drew Dougherty.

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Marc Vandermeer and Houston Chronicle's John McClain talked quarterbacks, key under-the-radar Texans players and NFL game changes.

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John Harris and Drew Dougherty talk through their weekly mock draft Wednesday.

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John Harris talks Pro Days and what they mean for the Houston Texans.

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Marc Vandermeer and John Harris talk about the league, free agency and how it all effects your Houston Texans.

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Texans Radio hosts talked free agency and offseason expectations.

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With free agency moves and re-signing, the hosts of Texans Radio explained what it all means for the Texans and so much more.

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