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General manager Rick Smith discusses his career path, why he turned down his first NFL offer, balancing work and family, quarterbacks and the draft.

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Texans defensive backs coach discusses what he expects from his group when they return for training camp, what he learned from Mack Brown at the University of Texas and working with Bill O’Brien.

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Texans assistant defensive backs coach discusses the veteran leadership of Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson, the offseason Robert Nelson had and coaches that have influenced him over the years.

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Drew Dougherty hosts a special podcast with dear friend of the Houston Texans organization, Nick Scurfield.

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John Harris hosts Texans All Access with special guest appearances from Drew Dougherty and current Texans Jeff Allen and Kurtis Drummond.

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Marc Vandermeer and Houston Chronicle's John McClain talked Texans offseason, training camp and so much more.

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Quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan discusses teaching Deshaun Watson a new offense, learning the Texans offense after nine seasons with the Giants, and how he became an NFL QB coach.

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Defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel talks about his new role coaching the defense, on making the No. 1 Texans defense even better in 2017, and when he first knew he wanted to coach.

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Running backs coach Charles London talks about rookie D’Onta Foreman, what running backs need to show in training camp, and how he first met Bill O’Brien.

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John Harris and Marc Vandermeer answer fan questions along with a special one-on-one interview with Texans defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel and Deepi Sidhu.

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