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Special teams coordinator Larry Izzo stopped by and gave an update on his part of the squad.

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John McClain of the Houston Chronicle joined the show and shared his thoughts on the season to come and more.

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Former Pro Bowl LG Wade Smith joined the show with host John Harris and voice of the Texans Marc Vandermeer.

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It was a 'Coaches Corner' edition of the show, as assistants Anthony Weaver and Wes Welker joined host John Harris.

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OLB Whitney Mercilus and O-lineman Kendall Lamm joined the show and shared how their respective offseasons are going.

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This Friday edition of the show featured TE Stephen Anderson, LB Brian Peters and more.

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The Houston Chronicle's John McClain joined host John Harris on the Thursday edition of the show.

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DB coach John Butler was one of many who joined the show.

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Deepi Sidhu had an in-depth conversation with GM Rick Smith.

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CB Robert Nelson joined the show to talk about the upcoming season and more.

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