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Highlights from the Texans' 35-6 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.
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The Texans Cheerleaders were in top form Sunday during the Texans' win over the Detroit Lions at Reliant Stadium. Check out their moves at the game.

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Coach Gary Kubiak talked about the offensive production the team is getting from Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels.
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The Texans held on to beat the Lions 28-21. It was another huge day for Andre Johnson, who racked up 141 receiving yards.
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The Texans have plenty of highlights from their win over Detroit. Andre Johnson had 141 receiving yards, while Owen Daniels caught two touchdowns.
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The Texans rode a career-best performance by Andre Johnson to total a franchise-best 485 net yards of offense and win their first game of the season. Enjoy all of the action.
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In his first weather report of the season, tight end Owen Daniels informs fans of the KHOU weather forecast for Sunday's game versus Miami and discusses the matchup with the Dolphins.
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Highlights from the Texans' home opener against the Colts, including Steve Slaton's two touchdowns.
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The Texans' offense scored on five of eight possessions Sunday, but the team came up short in overtime. Here are some of the top plays from the game at Jacksonville.
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This segment features Ashley N's passion for extreme sports.
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